Divorced Dudes Audience Demographics Keep Rising

Chicago, April 22, 2010 √ Since our last report, in addition to the United States, U.K., Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Australia, Austria and Malaysia, further international interest has now shown in Algeria, Canada, New Zeland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Ukraine and Russia. Now pulling in the majority of the continents, we can say that D-Squared has a global interest.


And of that global interest, the international fan base for Divorced Dudes again continues to rise. Still showing relative harmony between the genders, the stats show 53% men and 45% women have an active interest in this movie. Looking at the break downs of the gender and age groups, the predominant age group is still ages 25-34, ringing in at 29% (16% men/ 13% women). The next largest groups come in even at 23% each and account for the 18-24 (14% men/9% women) and 35-44 (14% men/9% women). The audience base for the the age groups, 45-54 (6% men/6% women) and 55+ (3% men/6% women) hold an aggregate of 21% of the total. And the youngest demographic age category of 13-17 year olds caps off the remaining 3% of the pie, with boys holding 1% and girls, 2% of that pool. DD performance data continues to say that people will be packing theaters to watch this fantastic film and the initial weekend box office may set new records for this blended genre. 

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