Divorced Dudes Audience Demographics Increase

Chicago, April 11, 2010 - Looking at the statistics tracked online, Divorced Dudes shows a continued relative balance between men and woman, however in interactions, the ladies take a large lead. With the largest audience attraction coming from the United States, this up and coming dramatic, romantic comedy has also gained further overseas interest from not only the U.K., Italy, Belgium and Sweden, but Australia, Austria and Malaysia have joined the international interest in this film.


In releasing our second wave of audience metrics, the established interactions show that 63% female and 38% male have shown interest in the movie, with the over-all audience base still growing. The largest of this latest pool of data shows females and males knotted up in the age groups 25-34,and 35-44 even at 25% and 13% for each group, however, ladies 55+ own 25% of the over- all pool, showing that Divorced Dudes is not just a Dramatic, Romantic Comedy, but as the metrics show, could also qualify as the next ⌠Chick Flick■ the ladies will be talking about.

Of the fan base showing interest in this movie, the demographics still show relative equality, with the stats showing 51% men, 47% women. The largest concentration of these statistics show in both pools, the predominant demographic age group to be ages 25-34, holding 31% (17% men/ 14% women) and the next largest group 35-44, owning 27% over-all (16% men/11% women). In adding to the audience base, the age groups, 45-54 and 55+ hold 28% of the total. As kids are also affected by divorce, interestingly enough, the younger demographic groups of 13-17 and 18-24 have shown interest, which aggregates to 12% of the total audience. Note: The anticipated MPAA rating for this movie is expected to be PG, predicting a hit in theaters everywhere, for singles, and families, married or divorced. 

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