Divorced Dudes Movie, Showing balance in Audience Demographics

Chicago, April 5, 2010 - Looking at the statistics tracked online, Divorced Dudes shows a relative balance between men and woman. With the largest audience attraction coming from the United States, this up and coming dramatic, romantic comedy has also garnered overseas interest from the U.K., Italy, Belgium and Sweden.


The established interactions show that 60% female and 40% male have shown interest in the movie, with the largest of this base, females, age 25-34 at 40%, and 18-24 as well as 55+ pulling in at 20% each. Men, ages 25-34 and 35-44 each share 20% of the pie.

Of the fan base showing interest in this movie, the demographics show relative equality, with men owning just a tad more than 50%, and the stats showing 54% men, 43% women. The largest concentration of these statistics show in both pools, the predominant demographic age group to be both men at women, ages 25-34, holding 19% and 15% respectively. 

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